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YOU MAY SEE WARNING LABELS  ON CERTAIN LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS. A REQUIREMENT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA SAFE DRINKING WATER AND TOXIC ENFORCEMENT ACT OF 1986 “PROPOSITION 65” SAYS THAT IF A PRODUCT CONTAINS ONE OR MORE OF A REGULARLY UPDATED LIST OF OVER 300 CHEMICALS, EVEN TRACE AMOUNTS, THEN ANY person coming into contact with the product must be reasonably notified of the “potential” risk. It is practically impossible for any manufacturer such as ourselves to test our products to this level and so as a precautionary measure both to ensure we fulfill our duty to our customers and also to protect Lifestyle Products as a company we have been advised to label our products - even if the risk is practically non-existent. Most all of these substance dangers are based on ingesting the substance. Many soft PVC products contain phthalates, a chemical that gives “non-leather” it’s flexibility. PVC  also contains lead. There are many products on the market in California w/out proper “labeling”. Most soft PVCs contain these substances.  There is a lot of debate as to the validity of the proposition for non-consumable and non-environmental applications. Lifestyle Products product is not intended for consumption.

[ Why do some of your items come with warning labels? ]le

[ What is our warranty and how does it work? ]

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can rest assured that you are purchasing the highest quality of products for your lifestyle. We are so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that we will let you return any product, for any reason, within 30 days of the purchase date on your receipt. 


To make a warranty claim, please go to our contact page and put "Guarantee" as the subject line. In the message, explain what you are returning. A customer service representative will respond and give you instructions on how to ship the product back.

[ How does our website determine shipping cost? ]

There are a few variables that play into the shipping cost of our products. These costs are determined by the location of where the package is being shipped as well as the weight and size of the package. For specific questions on shipping costs, please contact us directly.

[ How do I purchase your products? ]

You can purchase our products in a variety of ways. The quickest way is by visiting our online Amazon store or brand-specific websites. We are continuing to grow our product offering online and if you cannot find a specific product you are looking for, please contact us directly. 

[ Do we offer wholesale? ]

Yes, we do offer wholesale pricing to businesses looking to carry our products. We do have minimum order quantities set in place for each category. Please contact us to receive specific quotes and information about a wholesale order.

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